Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why does a student not LIVE LIFE ??


Our Country and its Education system is a classic example of how it can wreak havoc in an otherwise Happy - go lucky students life. Yes, I too have been a student and have gone through the same desires, struggles, hopes, crashing of dreams and so on. Only difference being day by day and Year after Year the competition and stress has only got tougher. Coming back to our Original question, why are we as Parents, teachers and society as a whole not instilling values like humanity, honesty, integrity, compassion and Spirituality in our kids. Why do we only care about how much marks, how many degrees, how much information he can repeat and so on.Why do young adults take drastic steps like ending their Lives for a couple of digits which we call as Marks/score.

Marks - The role of these digits in the bigger picture of Life 

1. They do NOT guarantee Success in Life.

2.  They do NOT guarantee Money flowing in your Life.

3. They do NOT guarantee a Happy and compassionate human being.

4. They do NOT guarantee a Soul which found its purpose.

5. They do NOT guarantee a better World.

The above list could go on and on. 

Marks are only a general reflection of how much we understood our Lessons. How much can we apply our learning and understanding of the topics we were taught. Whether our concepts our clear and time management good enough to apply those concepts. Yes, they are important but not the end of the World. Its only a small aspect in the bigger picture of our lives.

 A humble request to all parents and Teachers - 

Say - IT'S OK for everything that goes wrong to your child/student.Tell them - I am sure you can learn from your mistakes and do better in Life. 

The Fear , The rejection , The stress would just vanish from their young innocent minds.

We owe it to them. We owe it to our next generation.

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