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Facts About Me - For a Contest

Facts About Me - For a Contest

Kareena Kapoor said in Jab we Met “Meri Favourite hoon main”(I am my own favourite). I too reciprocate the same feelings with the same intensity. I have always loved myself more than anything and anyone from my childhood days (without feeling guilty or self-obsessed about it!).
Indian tradition and upbringing ingrains the principle of putting yourself last. Whether be it something as small and mundane as eating your favourite dish or something as big as making others happy by sacrificing your own wishes! I have never believed much in this principle. Yes, it does feel good when we are the reason for the smile on someone’s face but not at the cost of your own smile. According to me, it is possible to give something only when we have it so if we ourselves are in happiness and joy then only it can flow from us to the others around us.
So everyone out there fill yourself with joy and happiness up till the brim. Reach that blissful state where anyone and everyone who meets you gets infected with your joyous nature. Go live that Magical Life which you deserve and help others too in the process of Living their own Magical Lives.

Now fulfilling the award criteria...

Firstly, A big Thank You to Madhavi for nominating me in this contest. I am truly grateful to you for this opportunity.

11 Facts About Me

1. Loves to debate & argue can also effortlessly change sides while at it!!

2. Blissfully unaware of the dirty Politics of our Country, work-place, between relatives etc
3. Loves company of people whose conversations have “actual substance”.

4. Just cannot stand people who are always grumbling & complaining.

5.Simply hates people who are continuously blowing their own trumpets & then keep    comparing you with others! 

6.A die-hard romantic at heart who secretly loves all the mushy books, movies etc.

7. A big follower of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

8. A crazy reader who reads everything from books, magazines, newspapers, labels of ketchup bottles to advertisement pamphlets which do not even concern me!!

9. Passionate Writer too & now a Blogger!

10. Loves her Family and best friends and can actually do anything and everything for them.

11.Knows her mind & Wants to Live her Life Queen Size in her own style.(Preachers, dominating people, intruders of my privacy – Please STAY AWAY)

Here is the reply answers for her nominated questions:

  1.  Your favourite person in life(can be friend, cousin, teacher, etc) not personality..
             My hubby, my better-half , my life-partner – the love of my Life!

        2.  Ever frightened because of a dream?
             Many Times. I used to see that I am going to give exams but I do not know which paper it is.
3      3. Describe you in one word?
         Extremely Positive-emotional-lives life too fullest type of a person.(Not Possible in One word!)
   4.  Reason that why you like the person most(that you mentioned in the first question).
       He is an amazing human-being, very true to self, does not feel let down even in the most 
       trying circumstances and moreover he keeps me happy all the time! 

   5.Your realistic target in your life to achieve
     Best-Selling Author to a couple of books which is read not only in India but in other countries    also.Live a happily ever-after married life, Globe-trotting while experiencing all the wonderful things on offer, Help the lesser-privileged people in my own small way & so many more!

   6.Ever helped an unknown person?
    Many times but in very small ways like dropping them off to their destinations, explaining the address to a place, giving my contacts and links if they require etc.

   7.Fun or most memorable moment in your school life?
     When I was punished outside the class but still managed to sneak out a Love Story Book with the help of my class-mates and was reading it while standing outside & ended up getting caught by some other teacher. There are so many more but this was the first one  I remembered.

   8.Are you frequent dreamer? If so, what kind of dreams you get?
    Oh yes! I am a very big dreamer. I dream in my sleep as well as I dream in my wakeful state! Mostly I dream about regular, everyday stuff.

  9. What is life according to you?
    According to me, Life is to be lived to the fullest without any feelings of regrets despite the hitches & glitches it will present in our journey. We are in this world for a reason, recognize your passions and your call of Life and strive to excel in that. Fill yourself with happiness and give the same to each and every person you meet in your journey. Do not keep grudges, Let Go, Wake up to a new & fresh day every morning. Live each day of your Magical Life like it is the most special day for you.

  10. If are a super-human, what will you contribute to this world?
     I would love make sure that every human-being on this planet lives a beautiful life where their basic needs are fulfilled and they can fulfill their own dreams. A healthier, happier place where people go to sleep every night thinking ”Wow!day well spent & Life is so good, so beautiful.

  11.Last question and which is aspect of my blog you like it most? Look&feel or Writing.
     I absolutely love the look & feel of your blog. It is very attractive & makes you want to just keep staring at the screen! Keep up the Good work!

  • .                  

Now its time to show my gratitude by nominating 11 bloggers, who have less than 100 followers, maintaining their BLOG space without any messy things and writing as their heart say!

Here are my questions followed for the nominee bloggers...

1.       One thing you would love to change about yourself.
2.       Your favourite book/movie which you can read/watch again and again.
3.       Sweets or Spicy stuff.
4.       Early-riser or Late-night person?
5.       Which aspect of blogging do you love the most?
6.       If you meet God one day, what would you ask him?
7.       Do you believe in Luck?
8.       Is it possible that a person can fall in love at first sight?
9.       Do you think that happiness comes with money?
10.    One person in your life you miss desperately..
11.    Your views on my blog.

**Here are the details on receiving this award**
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've nominated to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and inform them.

Nominees ARE:

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Congratulations to my dear nominees!!! Though I have not commented or interacted with some of the above mentioned nominees, I have a visited their blog and liked their layout/appearance or most importantly their writing. I wish Blogspot also had a “Like button” like facebook!

Have your blog award that motivates you and KEEP blogging...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Making that BIG 1st Impression - What to Gift??

Making that BIG 1st Impression - What to Gift??

Today I am going to share one gift shopping experience that really drove me crazy...

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“Can I help you?” said the sales girl in a polite but stern voice. I looked up a tad embarrassed and managed to utter “Umm..Actually I am looking for this perfect gift for my fiancé and his parents too.” She replied “Ahh..that’s what is taking you so long”. I checked my watch and felt the hot rush of blood colouring my cheeks with embarrassment, I had been roaming around in this 500sq ft Archie’s Gallery from the past 2 hours!!! Well it was not exactly my fault that I had got engaged a week back and my would-be and his family were settled in Coimbatore while I was in Kolkata. I had to send a nice-personal-appropriate gift for my fiancé and in-laws which would make that perfect first impression on them. So while I was searching around for that particular item which would bowl them over completely!! I made a quiet exit from the shop holding my head high in a fashion which clearly indicated that this-shop-stocks-nothing-worth-buying.

My friends told me nerve-wracking, heart-shattering stories (ahh okiee I am exaggerating!!) of how the courier services could lose your parcels or deliver only part of the parcel. I was clear on the fact that I did not want it to happen to me. Moreover, I hate packing parcels. Somehow I can’t bring myself to wrap strips-after-strips of cello-tapes on the gifts enveloped in bubble-papers or foam to safeguard them and then go through that nail-biting session while waiting for the gift to reach. I decided to make my best friend to tag along with me in my pursuit of finding that “perfect gift”. After a mini-research of around 5 minutes with the other shopaholics’ friends of mine, I had zeroed in on a gift shop in this fancy and glitzy shopping mall. After a hunt of 3 hours, I had just managed to pick out an office-desk accessory for my father-in-law. I was in two-minds about everything I saw, the fact that I knew my in-laws and fiancé from just past one week did not help either. I mean how to know if my mom-in-law would like a book or a show-piece, whether my fiancé would prefer a mushy romantic gift or a practical gift-of-use. Moreover, I had no clue about their colour preferences too.

Every item my friend picked out from the rack was rejected for various odd reasons like “I think this can break-in-transit”, ”Gawwd! not this. It ll look silly.”, “Umm..are you sure he ‘ll like it?”.So back went to the rack the cute double-heart photo-frame, a soft toy, a nice perfume as well as a leather belt watch. After a till-my-legs-would-break search of the mall, I also managed to pick out this really Smart informal Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger for my fiancé along with a cute personalized crystal with a picture of both of us. I was having a high-level category of serious bout of doubts on whether my fiancé would like the checked shirt I had just purchased.

Mom-in-law is supposed to be the most important person after your marriage with whom you have to compulsorily get along. Hunting for the perfect gift for my uber cool and modern Sasu-maa was an uphill task. She was really finicky and choosy was also a setback in the procedure of our hunt for that perfect gift. Finally, after a lot of persuasion and some real hard looks by the shop-owners I managed to settle for a smart and exclusive Guess Bag.

We were lucky enough not to get thrown out of the shops where I did my best to extract all possible information on what can be the ideal gift for your mother-in-law! Pleased with myself, I returned home and started packing the gifts excitedly. But as I told you, courier packing was not my cup of tea, so finally after repeated failed attempts it was delegated to my household help. The courier was sent and I waited with butterflies in my stomach for the review on my gifts. Now I realized how authors, directors etc feel when their creation is launched to be dissected in the full glare of the public eye.

The courier reached, gifts were received, a polite thank you call came and lo behold! It was all over. I was quite pleased with myself till I got married and started living with my in-laws. Then I discovered to my utter dismay that my fiancé already had that Tommy shirt in a different colour I had sent for him, my MIL was not into carrying shoulder bags but she preferred hand clutched ones and my FIL also did most of his work from home and that office-desk-accessory stayed in the cardboard box container probably to be taken out for gifting purpose in the future. Ahh!! How I wish Badhai coupons existed that time to save my face from this tiresome and embarrassing episode. They could have used those coupons for online shopping or maybe I could have gifted a spa experience coupon. It would have made my first gifts to my in-laws so memorable and special.

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Just Married - Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal

Just Married – Please Excuse.

 This book is first time attempt by Yashodhara Lal and a wonderful one at that!!

The catchy title of the book does full justice to the fun-filled, roller-coaster journey of life after marriage between two people who are as different as chalk and cheese. Serious yet humorous tale of a couple adjusting into their newly married life enthralls the readers to keep their nose into the book till the ending. The love cum arranged marriage between Yashodhara (Y) and Vijay(V) with an extremely short period of getting-to know-each other of about 3 months is filled with cute and the not-so-cute moments. Y being an uptown, modern delhite while V being a rustic, conservative chap go through a roller-coaster ride in the initial years of their marriage. It is like a story of that next-door couple and you ll be able to relate to many incidents narrated vividly in the book.

The story starts with Y and V trying to adjust with each other in Bangalore where they both are working full time. I loved the incidents where in-laws of Y behave so understanding and supportive. I could almost relate to myself when Y ‘s mom-in-law prepares tea for the guests who meet Y for the first time and then secretly call her to take the tray outside for them behaving as if she prepared it!!! Y searching for “sticky” thing to make rotis with, leaving their cycles without lock, sheer misunderstanding while planning to buy land- all this and more snippets from their life will make you roll in laughter.

The Language of the book flows smoothly and is presented in an easy to comprehend manner. The day-to-day happenings have been elaborated lucidly. The best part is that this book is not just another run-of-the-mill story of boy meets girl and lives happily ever after. A welcome breather from the various chick-lit books that have crowded the market, this book promises not just a nice read but also provides the practical tips useful to married couples as well as couples in a live-in relationship. The journey of how the arrival of a baby can wreak havoc on a relationship is well described and then nicely tackled too. The book encompasses a gamut of emotions ranging from pits of despair to heights of ecstasy. You can actually “feel” and “see” their lives.

However, an incident where V nurses Y when she is ill and tries all sort of home-made concoctions to cure her is a bit too much as I was expecting them to consult a doctor!!! Also, the incident where a rumour spreads in the building where they lived resulting in a small crowd outside is a bit far-fetched. However inspite of these incidents, this book is a must-read. I would recommend it to every male and female as this book has something for both the sexes. 

This book is sure to evoke emotions of a happily ever-after marriage with a few bumps and pits on the journey towards it..After all Life is more about the journey than destinations!! Wishing You all a Magical Life with Magical moments in Your Journey!!!

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Quilled Ganeshji (made by Me!!)

Top 10 tips for “Miss” on the way to be “Mrs.”

When a female turns back the pages of her life, she is bound to get nostalgic on the event which completely changed her life and that is – her Marriage.

Me & my brother
(before marriage)
Me on my D-day
(getting married)
The most memorable and precious moments of a girl’s life is her marriage - the day she takes over a variety of roles and ceases to be just “daddy’s-little-princess” n “Maa ki pyaari bititya”. She is now a wife, daughter in law, bhabi, chachi and the list goes on. Every girl receives those well-meaning little nuggets of advise/suggestion/information from all those relatives who have suddenly materialized out of thin air. All the long lost aunts’ n cousins come alive!!! Everyone will have their experiences to share. But my dear aunties married in the 1970’s n 1980’s (no offence intended) times have really changed and the tips that came handy to you does not really hold any weight in today’s scenario.

 So all the girls on their way or soon to be on their way to be bound in wedlock here’s a list of tips which will hold u in good stead when adjusting to a whole new life :-

Mother-in-law teaching her Daughter-in-law.
   1.   DO not learn COOKING..- Yes u heard me right! After all what’s the use in learning how-to make-upma/poha/daal when you’ll have to relearn it all after marriage. I mean your hubby n in-laws would be having their specific tastes and also their own style of cooking. .For eg in my parents’ home we had mostly North-Indian dishes of roti-subzee-dal but my in-laws prefer South –Indian delicacies of variety rice and uttapam’s. Even if the dishes prepared is the same in both the houses there will be a lot of difference in the style of preparation. So, why waste those precious courtship days in messing around the kitchen getting all sweaty and grimy. Let your mother in law do the honors of teaching you. Believe me you bond better this way ;-) so it’s better to start with a clean slate. In case you know cooking already you might not adapt to the style of cooking in your new home or worse your mom in law might not be too impressed with you showing off your culinary skills. So let her teach you even if you do know how to do it!!! Later when you make lip-smacking mouth-watering dishes you can let her hog credit of teaching u;-)

2.    DO spend loads of time with your parents/siblings/friends – For the simple reason that this time never comes back. In case, you are going to settle down in a different city after marriage this becomes all the more crucial. Its really difficult to leave your parents and your identity behind for a new life with a new identity. 

  3.Work on yourself – Indulge in power-yoga /aerobics or whatever fitness regime catches your fancy. Eat healthy with loads of fresh fruits, veggies, juices and buttermilk comprising a major part of your diet. Pamper yourself with costly body spas, facials, manicures et all.

4.    Talk a lot to your fiancée - This phase will never come back. Make him feel special with thoughtful gifts/cards but do not overdo it. Your main intention of chit-chatting so much is not to indulge in over-the-top romantic and cheesy stuff but get to know him better. Do talk about issues important to you like finance, career, children etc. and read in between the words, observe his reactions/expressions etc.

5.    Do not go to all that girlie classes – Like cooking, crafts, paintings (unless u love doing it of-course). It’s all passé, believe me. Instead get clear on what career u want to pursue after marriage. I mean not everyone is lucky enough to continue with whatever profession they are currently pursuing (due to relocation in a different city, in-laws may not be comfortable with the idea of you working in a bank/company, hubby may need your support for his own business etc. Hence, it is advisable to chart out your career plan after discussions with your fiancée and in-laws, and you can start doing your ground work in that field.

6   DO attend Personal grooming workshops - Personal grooming is important to know how to conduct yourself in social dos n parties, what type of clothes/make-up/hairstyle look good on you etc. Do learn how to drape a saree coz in my case I still can’t drape a saree properly and its horrendous to see your Mother-in-Law sitting down on the floor with her party wear saree draped on and struggling with the pleats of your saree. Every time I feel like the floor should open up and swallow me in. The icing on the cake is that when you are not satisfied with the outcome you can’t complain because you do not want to hear the words “do it yourself then”! they say Beggars can’t be choosers.

7   DO attend Personality grooming workshops- Oh yes! Men are no longer in love with those guile girls who look like lost-lambs in this big bad world. They love those confident, bold, suave and modern females who are sure of themselves and can hold their heads high. A woman should be capable of playing diverse roles of a wife, financial planner, event manager etc.

8. Mental makeup – Apart from the physical beautification for your D-day mental makeup is more essential. Gals indulge in laser treatments, chemical peel-offs etc to remove scars, spots etc before their marriage but more than that u need to do a serious cleaning and scrubbing of your thoughts and feelings. In case you have had a past affair/bad break up then u need to move over it and accept your new life partner whole-heartedly. Also, promise yourself to never indulge in petty comparisons of your beau with your ex. Incase u have been the spoilt brat at home and consider it your birth right to spew venom on any-one and every-one who comes your way in your bad mood then please STOP. You will have to take a grip over yourself in your new home.

   9.Real life is different from reel life. – The ahhs n oohs you have uttered on watching those cheesy romantic movies or while reading those “Mills and Boons” do not necessarily happen the same way in real life. Almost every girl has stuffed herself with a  good dose of these stories and has patiently waited for her man (read knight) in shining armor to come riding on a white horse and whisk her away into his world .Girls take a grip over yourselves, adjustments in daily life is different from what you have read or watched. Make sure that the Romantic moments are well sprinkled in your married life but believe me there is a life beyond it too.

10.  Don’t get worked up reading and listening to all the tips!!! – ha ha!! Oh yes, do not get carried away trying to follow each and every tip u read about. There is no need to take all those tips which every Tom, Dick and Harry will give you in this phase of life. Most importantly, you just have to be yourself and follow those tips you can relate to or would be applicable in ur case. Every girl and every couple is unique in itself so basically there cannot be a single set of rules applicable to all.

Last but not the least, this is one of the most golden phase of life (among other golden phases) so just enjoy it fully. It’s not like this phase is the best in married life as many people claim. Life after marriage is also as beautiful, charming and fulfilling provided you know how to keep that spark and magic alive. Go live that beautiful Magical life U deserve!!!.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jostling for space – “A foreigner in my very own country”

“Konjam Thallikonga” were the words that drifted towards my ears while I was concentrating on a small pink rose neatly pinned (using a safety pin) on a young woman’s hair near me. I whirled around and came face-to face with a elderly woman kindly looking into my eyes. I gave her back my sweetest smile but she did not seem to be satisfied with it. Frowning, she raised the pitch of her voice and concentrating on every syllable said “T-H-A-L-L-I-K-O-N-G-A”. This time I understood the frantic motion of her hands asking me to shift and I gladly obliged. By this time almost everyone in the public bus I was travelling in were staring at me in a disapproving manner. But how to explain my co-passengers that I did not understand TAMIL (the predominant language spoken in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu) and it was not that I was an arrogant girl not wanting to give space to my fellow passengers. Never mind the fact that the bus was overflowing with people and the smell of fresh Gajra (white-coloured flower the south-Indian ladies put on their hair) intertwined with sweat greets your nose every time you get on board.

Welcome, to my new life. I am a marwari born and brought up in Kolkata who has recently got married and shifted to Coimbatore. The above mentioned incident, in its varied forms, happens regularly to me on my daily ride to the office I’m currently doing my training with. When people around me come to know that I do-not-understand Tamil let alone speak it they shake their heads in sheer disbelief like you-would-do- when- Mr. Manmohan Singh- resigned.

Once, a middle aged lady clad in a deep-coloured silk saree asked me something with a very sweet smile. As usual, I stared back and gave my million-dollar smile as if I was telling her “Mere toothpaste mein namak hai”(loosely translated it means “My toothpaste has Salt”). I assumed she must have told something funny and my smile would be sufficient enough an answer. However, she had asked me a question and was expecting a reply as was apparent from her facial expressions. So I told her “Tamil –Venda”(Tamil – NO) later I was taught by my office colleagues to say “Tamil Teriyadhu” (meaning I do not know Tamil). Aha!! That moment the calamity struck as people around me looked incredulously with sympathetic expression etched on their faces. That lady too looked at me in pity as if I was dying from blood-cancer and she could not do anything. Then she spoke in half-English-half Tami style “Oh my Gawddd! How sad!! How do you manage in this city and why you don’t know Tamil??” I replied ”You know English/Hindi?”she shook her head.”Marwari?” she again shook her head.”Bengali?” “No”. Now it was my turn to look at her in disbelief with my eyes as wide as saucers and say “Oh my Gawd. How sad!!!”. Then, I explained to her that I had recently got married and shifted here and so could not speak the local language. Hopefully it satisfied her inquisitive streak.

Around a month later, I boarded a bus as usual from my regular stop and somehow made space for myself to stand near a hand rail. I heard the conductor shouting on top of his voice to no one in particular. By this time, I was capable of understanding a few words but to my dismay he was talking really fast and moreover he was yelling and it made it almost impossible to decipher what he was saying. I thought that once he is finished with his yelling I ll buy the ticket. It struck me as very awkward but a lot of people around me were glancing in my direction. Then, the moment he stopped yelling, I politely asked him for a ticket. He looked at me angrily and again started yelling and to my surprise this time the yelling was directed at me. I looked around in an utterly confused and dazed manner, silently hoping that a God-sent translator would be there to help me out but to no avail. Then I also shouted saying “I do-not-know Tamil”. The conductor stared back at me in fright apparently taken aback with my sudden high-pitched shouting. Then muttered in broken English “staying-in-Coimbatore & saying I-don’t-know-Tamil”. A lady who had asked me something before and I had not replied also pitched in saying “Impossible!!! Staying in Coimbatore and not understanding any Tamil. It is the language of the state”. I glared back at her and said “You staying in India from past 40 years and you do not know hindi which is the national language of this country then how do you expect me to know Tamil when I have landed in this city only 6 months back.” She silently observed me from top to bottom and then explained to me that the conductor had been yelling and asking people to buy tickets as there were surprise checks happening that day!!!. I could not suppress a smile on my folly!!

From that time onwards, almost all the regular passengers pass a smile to me and the conductors of the buses silently come and give me the ticket to the regular stop I get down at. I am glad and truly blessed that way - to not know Tamil!!!

It depends on us how we can turn the situation in our favour. In case, there is some problem/issue you are facing in life always ponder upon how you can turn it in your favour, and do not waste time feeling low or upset. All of us are entitled to lead Magical Lives. You have to create the Magic yourself.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Why “Apple” Creates & “Straw-berry” captivates??? - Yes U Can Get whatever U want!!!

Why “Apple” Creates & “Straw-berry” captivates???

Yes, I mean the fruit in its natural avatar only!! Issac Newton was helped by apples to discover Law-of-Gravitation while I was helped by strawberries to ensure myself that Law-of-Attraction was for real. Before u start imagining the strawberries falling on my head in its juicy glory (like it falls on their face in the lakme face wash ad!!!lolz!)let me put your wild imaginations to rest!!!   

Most of you would agree that S-T-R-A-W-B-E-R-R-Y is the most yummylicious thing on earth and I don’t mean its flavoured versions of ice-creams, cup-cakes, mousse and God knows what not!!! I am talking about the raw, original-organic pinkish (I m a typical girl in love with her pinks!!) reddish coloured fruit. I had been madly, desperately in an insane kind-of-way wanting to have it. In an off-season, it was available only in shops selling imported fruits tagged at exorbitant prices.

Not being the one to be defeated so easily, I decided to try attracting it with Law of Attraction (I had recently read the book “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and was hell-bent on trying it out). I tried it for 3 consecutive day and night by imagining that I am holding, licking, sucking and eating strawberries. I even went to the extent of peeling away the tiny green leaves on top and throwing it off. I was so engrossed in it that even when I used to be eating apples, I could almost feel it to be strawberries!

On the 4th day, the shrill Tring- Tring of the landline phone woke me up. My Mom answered the call and then informed me that it was my aunt. Her daughter’s house was in the same city and since she was in USA, she asked my mom to send a basket of imported fruits to her house (along with cake, flowers etc.) as it was her daughter’s birthday. I tagged along with her like an extra baggage to the imported fruit shop. There we got the fruits packed (You just have to tell your budget & they’ll put appropriate fruits in an attractive packaging). The fact that he did not add strawberries hit me like a bucket of cold water splashed on my face (Okay I’m exaggerating!! But only a teeny-weeny bit). It was too expensive and adding it would have reduced the size of the packed tray.

 In a forlorn manner, I kept staring at the strawberries on the racks like a child prying for chocolates. My mom gave me a stern look which screamed do-not-embarrass-me. The Owner of the shop (a cranky old fellow) was giving us dubious stares. Just then like a fool I uttered “Oh! You keep strawberries also” (as if a fruit shop would keep ice-creams!!).The old fellow looked up at me incredulously and I managed to save face by murmuring “No..umm..I mean they look good.” And then Lo & behold, the magic struck-the fairy waved her wand as the words “Madam has come to OUR shop and you have not made her taste our specialties” drifted towards my ears. Uncle (no more a cranky old fellow for me!!!Wink) asked his staff to get a few pieces of strawberry and Australian grapes in a disposable tray for me to taste. Like a child who had been granted his wish of meeting mickey mouse (or is it shin-chan & doraemon now),I picked up the fruits.

Well this is my true personal life experience (back in mid-2009) when Strawberries helped me discover Law of Attraction. Since that time, whenever I feel low or want something from life, I remember this moment and it has a magical effect on me. Do you know what your Strawberry is???Go Grab it NOW!!!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Book Review - Tea for two and a piece of Cake.

Are Fairy-tale endings of “Lived -happily -

 Tea for two and a piece of cake – an       unconventional title for a book which    deals with a gamut of human emotions ranging from the peak of ecstasy to the pits of despair. Only Preeti Shenoy’s creative and artistic abilities could have conjured up such a title, it does not allow a peek into the main story-line of the book at all. If you are a person like me who does not believe in reading the summary of the book before sitting down to devour it, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Her previous book “Life is what you make it” dealt with bipolar disorder. This made me assume that her current book also would be dealing with some sort of psychological issues because that’s what most authors do. If a certain book/movie hits the popularity chart then that particular author/director would continue in the same genre churning out (sometimes mind-less stuff!!) in the same subject. Repeated stuff on typical light-hearted romantic stories, item songs etc or even churning out sequels of the movie which was declared a blockbuster are all killers of creativity and original thinking. Experts advise to stick to a particular genre (whichever subject being your strength) to ensure a loyal readership base but the true test of creativity and talent lies in experimentation with different subjects.  Hats off to Preeti Shenoy for her courage to write on whichever topic is close to her heart. However, all my notions had been ousted the moment I started reading the book. I actually stayed awake well past midnight just to finish reading the book. (t’was impossible to put it down!!!)

The book started like a story of any other ordinary girl, but then the protagonist embarks on the journey of a fairy tale life and gets married to this rich and handsome guy. Well it was not meant to be a “lived happily ever after” ending. This is where Preeti has dealt with the storyline in a refreshingly bold and unpredictable manner. She has portrayed the blunders made by both the sides (male and female) in dealing with the sacred institution of marriage. I loved the part where the man shares the emotions he had gone through. In our Society, the girl is always projected as a saint while the man is blamed for two-timing, treachery etc. Preeti has done an excellent job in detailing out how the lack of understanding and nonchalant attitude of the female led to destruction of their personal lives. The astonishing part comes when the man gives a cold shoulder to his wife even when his own child was in the hospital. It indeed proved the horrific lack of humanity in him.

This unconventional and enthralling tale of human lives and relationships makes you sit up and question your pre-conceived notions about the ideals set by society. 
The book is complete in itself and it touches a chord with people wanting to move over after a failed relationship or someone wanting to be self-sufficient for her living expenses. It is indeed a source of inspiration for all.

The most striking feature I would like to point out is that in both the books the emphasis is on “Living a magical life”. Ankita and Nisha, both the female protagonists of Preeti’s books manage to fight all odds and carve out a life for themselves which is magical in the true sense. After all, if all is fair and smooth then we don’t realize that our life has also been a magical fairy-tale life. A life well lived ought to have its share of pits and bumps.