Thursday, 12 December 2013

Transition from silly fights over Dairy Milk to boys to marriage…….

Transition from silly fights over Dairy Milk to boys to marriage…….

A dairy milk slab peeked out from the front pocket of the white school shirt and I kept on staring at it like it would just pop out from her pocket and land straight in my mouth!!!! She took it out and neatly tore the wrapping. With a glance in my direction and a sweet smile she peeled away the golden foil too and without wasting a single moment she broke the pieces and put it in her mouth one by one. Alas! she ate it all and I was left gaping at her like a kid lost in the woods.

This was the moment when I decided I had to be friends with her, after all she got dairy milk to school everyday! Soon it was final exams of third standard and she got the seat next to me. I helped her with most of the questions and from there onwards the seed of our life-long friendship was sown.

Sakshi shared her dairy milk everyday with me and we chit chatted whenever we got the opportunity in bus, playground, between classes, restroom, corridors etc. Silly girlie talks, calling names to the teachers and dreaming of becoming the most popular girl in school – all this and more were our hot topics of discussions. We got nail paints to school and applied it on our toe nails when the classes were boring! We giggled and made fun of girls with oiled hair. Ahh the best incident of Junior school I remember was when we both started a rumour that the skeleton in the Science Lab was real and that skeleton got alive at night and roamed around the school!! And this news spread like wild fire in the entire batch and the classes were full of terrified girls holding hands and shrieking and crying! Most of them were scared to visit the rest room alone. Soon our Teachers got the wisp of this rumour and there was an emergency meeting in the Assembly Hall where the Headmistress scolded everyone and said all this was utter nonsensical rumours. The teachers wanted to know who started this rumour but they never found out the true source. We both heaved a sigh of relief!

Senior school journey was equally fun-filled and laced with jaw-dropping and awe inspiring incidents. Our being a girl’s school, we all used to be starved to lay our eyes on Boys. Whenever there was any guy in the school campus for some club meetings, inter school competitions etc., our entire group used to loiter around in their vicinity for some reason or the other. Ahh those snide remarks and incidents of bursting out in helpless fits of giggles without any rhyme or reason are so close to my heart. We both flirted with the same guy named Abhishek and he used to claim being in love with both of us!! What fun we had on his expense without him realising that we knew about his lie. Then after a couple of weeks, we both decided to embarrass him about his hopeless two-timing skills. I added my friend on conference while talking to him and she kept silent. In midst of the long intimate conversation between me and Abhishek, Sakshi exclaimed “Ohh!!Really so you are in love with her”!! He went mum and then quickly hanged up the phone. He could never face us again!

We went to the same college and carried dove soap bars, face wipes, lipsticks, liners, nail paints and what not. The rest room was our favourite place to wash our face with dove on one side and feel the difference just like the models in TV Advertisement! Then came the make-up session where we applied glosses and lip paints and pouted in front of the mirrors! If I bought the new shade of nail paint, Sakshi would buy the lip gloss and we shared it between us. Innumerable times we were caught for sprucing up and preening ourselves in the classrooms and were asked to Get out of the Class.

Time flew by and we got married in different cities and now we hardly get time to talk to each other. But once in while that we do, it seems as if we can pick the conversation from where we left weeks ago and start off like there was no time gap in between.

Its soo true that we can’t choose our family and relatives but can choose our friends. But sometimes I feel we both were destined to be friends and did not really choose each other….

This article has been written as an entry to the Indiblogger Contest : Dove Guessing game with my friend.